Exhibit 29

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05/06/2005 11h35 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Tweede Jacob van Campenstraat, near nr. 103

Couple of centimeters of cassette in the gutter. Sounds arabic ...

05/05/2005 12h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Eerste van der Helststraat, in the gutter in front of the entrance to supermarket Dirk v/d Broek

Asiatic (flexi?) pop/disco.

05/02/2005 09h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat, near the Albert Heijn supermarket

Auditek C60 Low Noise 'Language Laboratory Cassette', part of an english language course (see picture).

04/24/2005 18h10 Paris XVIII - near place de la Chapelle

Traversing Paris in a friend's car, from Belleville to Montparnasse, we got stuck in a traffic jam near the place de la Chapelle. Looking from one of the car's side window, I spotted a Philips cassette (see picture) in the street, and jumped out to grab it. It was broken, and part of the tape hung out; but it was easy to repair and pretty much complete. It turned out to be mostly empty though ... apart from an amazing ten minutes on the first side. These are (surprisingly good quality) recordings of three telephone conversations ... A young French(?) guy ('Raphael') calls someone ('Tom') in the United States, apparently a record company (Warner Bros?) executive. In the first conversation (a part of which is missing), they arrange to meet in New York, where Raphael wants to hand Tom a cassette tape with seven of his compositions. In the second call, Raphaël asks what's happening with his tape. But also, he congratulates Tom with Bill Clinton's election (or re-election), which of course makes it possible to date the recording as being from either around 1993 or 1997 ... I think 1993 will be the best guess ... Tom says he'll call back in about a week. In the third (and last) recorded telephone conversation a secretary tells Raphael that, unfortunately: no, for now the company is not interested in doing something with his music ...

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