Exhibit 27

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04/01/2005 13h15 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Hobbemakade

While biking in the direction of the Rijksmuseum, I saw two cassettes lying in the grass, at the foot of a tree. Both apparently once were part of the same - a musician's - cassettotheque, with type-written labels. One, the cover says, is a demo tape containing tracks recorded in 1988 and 1989. The music is of the funky party sort, partly instrumental, partly with vocals. The 'liner notes' credit Mark Sigterman and Dorian with 'programming synths', Michel van Lindert and Dorian on 'bass', and Joanette on 'vocals'. The second cassette is a live recording, dated june 16th, 1989, and labeled 'TIME OUT'. It is not clear (to me) whether this is the name of the venue, or the name of the band. Among the extracts we hear a part of their rendering of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer.
[On may 18th, 2005 I received an email from Mark Sigterman ... read more about it in the SoundBlog ...]

03/31/2005 12h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - corner of the Hemonystraat and the Hemonylaan

Arabic (?)

03/30/2005 16h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - corner of the Ferdinand Bolstraat and the Rustenburgerstraat

African (?)

03/29/2005 12h30 Pontoise - avenue de Verdun, caught around a bar of the gate of the bridge leading to Cergy, crossing over the A15 highway

Pop/disco. Shazam and SoundHound [ feb. 26th, 2010 ] identified the track "Change of Heart", by the Italian-American disco/R&B group Change

03/25/2005 18h20 Vincennes - avenue de la République, near nr. 14

A a couple of centimeters of tape, in the gutter. Probably part of a cassette from a spanish language course.

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