Exhibit 22

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01/19/2005 16h00 Vincennes - avenue Antoine Quinson

On his way back home from school Alec (11) spotted another bit of tape, near the place where he had found one almost precisely one month earlier (Exhibit 108). It was tangled between the twigs of a plant, behind the fence along the RER track, somewhat hidden in the corner with the concrete pedestrians bridge that crosses over the tracks. It actually indeed proved to be part of that same tape. Sung in spanish.

01/15/2005 16h00 Vincennes, avenue Aubert

A wonderful find. My son Alec (11) spotted this tape when visiting that saturday afternoon a friend in his mother's Artist Supplies Store, on the corner of the avenue Aubert and the avenue de Paris. He showed it to me ("Daddy, I have a surpise for you!" he said) when I passed by at the store to accompany him back home. It was lying just behind the large metal gate giving entrance to the courtyard of the apartment building at nr. 106, next to the building's dustbins, mixed up with dry leaves and twigs from a pine tree (see picture) - surely a recently disposed of christmas tree. A 'season's greetings' find! It had been used to record a rehearsal of a (French, surely local) band ...

12/27/2004 14h15 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Malpertuisplein

I spotted this tape from the inside of a public transport bus taking me and the kids downtown to see a movie (The Incredibles) while staying at my mother's during the christmas holidays. On our way back we got off the bus at the stop nearest to the place where I had seen the cassette. It was still there, on the parking lot: a crashed TDK AD-C90 cassette, that was marked with a small neatly typewritten sticker, reading: 'amusement 20a'. Apparently it used to be part of a well-organised cassettotheque. It contains a mix of Dutch, Belgian, German and Anglophonic variety classics - very, very campy indeed ... Listen to, among others, fragments of some early hits of Dutch star singer Rob de Nijs ['Voor Sonja doe ik alles' ("Ik spaar al mijn ping en ik koop straks twee ringen"), and 'Ritme van de regen'], to the German kraker 'Schön ist die Jugendzeit', Rocco Granata's 'Sarah I love you'... and whose's that singing "When you feel a sting inside, you know that the time is right"? ...

12/22/2004 21h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Govert Flinckstraat, near nr. 101

An anglophonic (american?) love song crooner, with some of the daftest lyrics I've heard in a long in time. Is he really singing this? "On a rainy sunday morning I heard you pack your bags. It didn't come without a warning, I knew it when he shaved your legs ..."

12/18/2004 14h30 Vincennes - avenue Antoine Quinson, opposite the passage St. Méry

Found by my son Alec (11), caught up in the fench along the RER track. Sung in Spanish (?).

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