Exhibit 06

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02/05/2003 17h35 Bobigny - rue Marcel Cachin, caught in the fence of the Hôpital Avicenne

Find containing a divers selection of popular music. I managed to identify BoyzIIMen ("End of the road"), Santana ("Maria Maria") "Georgy Porgy" (by Toto, or is it Eric Benet?), girly pop, and, again, quite a bit of French rap/hip-hop.

01/27/2003 15h10 Les Mureaux - rue Houbert Mouchel, corner with rue Albert Thomas


01/23/2003 13h10 Bobigny - rue Marcel Cachin

Besides a couple of fragments of disco and house tracks, this find contained parts of a (very lo-fi) microphone recording. One hears snippets of hardly intelligible conversation, (previously recorded) music leaking through, a dog barking ...

01/09/2003 10h15 Vincennes - avenue de Paris, corner with avenue Antoine Quinson

Arabic. Thanks to Miryam Aroua for identifying this as a recording by Oum Kalthoum (sometimes written as: Kalsoum).

12/02/2002 10h00 Paris XVII - place des Ternes

The Grateful Dead - "Fire on the mountain".

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