Exhibit 04

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10/11/2002 13h00 Les Mureaux - allée l'Ile de France, corner of avenue de la République

French rap/hip-hop.

10/10/2002 12h10 Bobigny - rue de Stalingrad, near tramway stop

Arabic pop.

10/09/2002 17h35 Bobigny - boulevard Maurice Thorez, near the service entrance of the shopping center


10/09/2002 17h30 Bobigny - boulevard Lénine, opposite the town hall

Rap/hip-hop. Identified by Gérard Lanvin - in an email dated Mars 17, 2005 - as a fragment of a remix of the track "Section" by the Roots, which appeared as part of a compilation called 'Hip Hop Soul Party III' ... (the original track is from the 1996 album Illadelph Halflife)

09/27/2002 23h55 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Derde Oosterparkstraat, near furniture shop on the corner of the Beukenplein

Rock. The not even six seconds fragment was correctly identified [ nov. 24th, 2009 ] by Shazam as a riff from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' track "If you have to ask" from their 'Blood, Sugar, Sex, MAgik' album.

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