Exhibit 117

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05/27/2010 15h40 Montreuil (France) - rue Emile Zola spot

Drippingly wet on the curbstone (see photo), opposite the Planète Andalucia.

05/25/2010 15h15 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Carl Smulderssingel spot

Along small grass field serving as traffic island, on the corner with the Rondeel. Spotted from inside Kaspar König's car.

05/19/2010 11h25 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Stadhouderskade spot

In gutter along parkingplace near the corner with the Weteringlaan. See photo.

05/13/2010 ??h?? Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Heinzestraat spot

Found & contributed by Harry Buhrman, who also took the photograph. His daughter Marijne (...), Harry wrote in an email, had no idea what could have been the use of the knot of plastic wire that her dad picked from the pavement.

05/06/2010 18h40 Brussels (Belgium) - Avenue du Parc spot

On pavement near nr. 60.

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