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06/20/2010 15h30 Paris VI (France) - Rue Cassette spot

When with a large group of Parisian cassetteurs we came together in the Rue Cassette for a live tape-run on Sunday June 20th 2010, one of Anton Mobin's dictaphones ate one of his tapes. I picked up some of the bits.

06/17/2010 15h Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein spot

A couple of cassettes that were part of a pile of rubbish (see photo). It proved to be an interesting lot, including recorded (karaoke) singing, and an telephone answering machine tape with a pretty persistent anonymous love declarer. Who might just be the same person that is doing the singing and who wins a public radio call-in game on another one of the tapes.

06/17/2010 14h50 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Foeliestraat spot

Next to car parked opposite nr. 10.

06/08/2010 12h30 Paris VII (France) - Pont de l'Alma spot

On the corner withe the Voie sur Berge Rive Gauche. See photo.

06/05/2010 11h20 Montreuil (France) - rue Auguste Blanqui spot

On the corner with the rue Cuvier (see photo).

06/02/2010 16h50 Massy (France) - rue Georges Ritz spot

Lying with the trash on the corner of the Allée des Capucines (see photo). Part of an advanced course in English (?). On side A: 'The impact of new technology' (on the revolution caused by the introduction of the micro-chip), and on side B: 'The nuclear threat'.

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