Exhibit 116

[ Amsterdam, october 16, 2010 -- play/download đŸŽ¶ 🎧 ]


04/17/2010 13h50 Paris XI (France) - rue Saint-Maur spot

In the gutter, trapped under a parked car's tires, opposite nrs. 15-17 (see photo).

04/03/2010 10h15 Lille (France) - Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas spot

The saturday morning of April 3rd with Ana-R we met Thierry Madiot in front of the entrance gate to the Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille, where that weekend all of us were to do a workshop and set up installations at the occasion of the Muzzix Festival. In Thierry's old and pretty worn down car I saw a broken cassette, not yet cast away, but it would be very soon. So of course I asked Thierry if I could take (see photo). On it there was a recording of a duo improvisation for acoustic guitar and double bass, by...

03/26/2010 16h40 Brussels (Belgium) - Barthélémylaan spot

Opposite nrs. 11-16.

03/26/2010 16h35 Brussels (Belgium) - boulevard de Nieuport spot

After a visit to the iMAL, on the other side of the canal, alongside the tram track that at the time was being repaired, I picked up a first bit opposite the nrs. 3-6 (see photo); a little further there lay a second bit of the same tape, opposite the Hamza mosque.

03/23/2010 16h40 Vincennes (France) - avenue de Minimes spot

On the Bois de Vincennes side. Found by my son Alec (16). He also took the pic.

03/22/2010 14h35 Brussels (Belgium) - Vossenplein / Place du Jeu de Balle spot

On the corner with the Sistervatstraat / Rue de la Rasière. Arabic, play(?)

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