Exhibit 115

[ Lille, Festival Muzzix #10 - april 3-4, 2010 / Amsterdam, october 15, 2010 -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]

Founded Tapapes
This acquisition was prepared as part of the Ana-R workshop at the Muzzix #10 Festival in Lille, France, on April 3 + 4, 2010.


03/16/2010 11h30 Paris XX (France) - avenue Cartellier spot

On bridge over the périphérique (see photo).

03/16/2010 11h30 Paris XX (France) - rue Haxo spot

At the entrance of the Résidence Les Lilas (see photo)

03/13/2010 12h15 Montreuil (France) - rue Claude Erignac (formerly rue de Saint-Mandé) spot


03/13/2010 20h05 Paris XX (France) - Avenue du Professeur André Lemierre spot

Spanish lessons.

03/13/2010 11h45 Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni

A little further down the street (see photo).

03/13/2010 11h45 Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni spot

On corner with the rue Edouard Vaillant (see photo), the morning we were desperately searching for a car wheel, to replace the one that that night had stolen from Maurice JJ's parked car.

01/02/2010 13h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat spot

On the second day of the new year I picked up 2010's 1st find at the corner with the Nicolaas Berchemstraat (see photo): a Maxell UR 60 cassette. The music on it has been recorded from Dutch radio.

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