Exhibit 108

[ - Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - 27-28 september, 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


07/15/2009 11h55 London WC1 (UK) - Gray's Inn Road spot

On the pedestrian crossing opposite nr. 256, Eastman Dental Hospital (see photo). Bit of reel-to-reel tape.

07/15/2009 10h30 London NW10 (UK) - Acton Lane spot

Caught by the metal entrance gate to the house nr. 1A, on the corner with Fairlight Avenue (see photo).

07/14/2009 20h30 London NW10 (UK) - The Croft spot

At the end of this tiny alleyway on High Street Harlesden (see photo)

07/14/2009 12h10 London EC1 (UK) - Golden Lane spot

On my way to meet Graeme Miller at the Barbican, wound around a pole on the traffic island at the crossing with Old Street (see photo).

07/13/2009 13h30 London W2 (UK) - Harrow Road / Westway spot

Just before the Westbourne Bridge turn-off to Paddington, next to a copy of Take that's CD-album 'Everything changes', that looked as if someone had taken a bite out of it (see photo). The tape contained chapter 15 (continued) of the audiobook version of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

07/12/2009 18h10 London N1 (UK) - Wynford Road spot

Caught at the bottom of the fence shielding off the little area where stand the dust bins of Priori Heights (see photo). African.

07/12/2009 17h50 London N1 (UK) - Muriel Street spot

Near the corner with Carnegie Street, caught in the Crispe House's fence. See photo.

07/10/2009 19h30 London E8 (UK) - Kingsland Road spot

On my way to meet John Smith, in a box of rubbish on the pavement near nr. 490 (see photo). The muddy tape was broken, and spilling out over a couple of old black and white negatives. It's a commercially produced cheap 'easy listening' tape, titled 'Mystical Pan Pipes Moods', with a horribly synthetic sounding 'pan pipe'.

07/10/2009 17h05 London NW10 (UK) - Stephenson Street spot

In the gutter, on the corner with Goodhall Street (see photo).

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