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07/01/2009 16h40 Vincennes (France) - avenue de Paris spot

On a traffic island opposite the rue du Parc. The tape was empty.

06/26/2009 14h30 Brussels (Belgium) - Boulevard du Roi Albert II spot

Spotted from within the bus on my way from Amsterdam to Paris, shortly before the bus made its stop at the Brussels Gare du Nord (see photo). The break there was long enough to walk the little distance back, and pick up the tape. Arabic radio.

06/25/2009 16h50 Haarlem (the Netherlands) - Jansstraat spot

Inside an old car-stereoplayer in a cardboard box with junk posed on top of a dustbin, near the corner with the Grote Markt. See photo. Indie-rock. Not recognized by Shazam. Recording made from the 'Krapuul de Lux' radioshow.

06/17/2009 19h25 Zandvoort-aan-Zee (the Netherlands) - Van Lennepweg spot

Caught by a pole on the pavement, opposite nrs. 117/119 (see photo). Dutch christian church (choir?) singing.

05/21/2009 10h30 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Bombarderuwe spot

In the gutter at the corner with the Ponjaardruwe. Pop (Ready to jump) /techno.

05/09/2009 13h Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Brusselseweg spot

Caught by a couple of shrubs alongside the road, near nr. 421. See photo. Arabic.

05/06/2009 09h Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni spot

Caught by the fence on the pavement near the Saint Maclou (see photo). Arabic.

05/05/2009 11h40 Vincennes (France) - Avenue de Paris spot

Cassette lying naked at the foot of a tree on the pavement near nr. 98 (see photo). Divers soul, funk, and party-tunes. In the mix you hear fragments of (as identified by Shazam): "Mag-Poo" by All the King's Men / MaceoMag-Poo, and Tommy Stewart's "Riding High".

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