Exhibit 109

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07/25/2009 15h30 Bagnolet (France) - rue Edouard Vaillant spot

Caught by a grating in the pavement, near nr. 64. See photo. Antillean.

07/25/2009 15h15 Bagnolet (France) - rue de la République spot

Walking back from the bus station with FPCM and family, I found this one on the pedestrians crossing at the corner with the avenue Galieni. There is techno/house/pop music on it, recorded from the radio (Voltage FM). Then there's a curious (interesting) very distorted instrument being played and recorded. And finally we find parts of a recording of a woman doing or instructing some sort of gymnastics or aerobics exercises. It does seem though that she is doing this all on her own.

07/25/2009 14h45 Bagnolet (France) - rue Edouard Vaillant spot

Around foot of a pole on the corner with the avenue Gallieni (see photo), on my way to pick up FPCM and his family, who were to arrive at the Gallieni bus station. A story-telling tape: Victor Hugo's Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame..

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