Exhibit 106

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05/02/2009 12h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Ceintuurbaan spot

There was still more Queen's Day tape trash ahead, on the pavement near nrs. 119-121, next to the (by now former) Ceintuurbaan post office. Classical guitar concerto. It came entangled with another bit of #625 (see photo).

05/02/2009 12h05 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Ceintuurbaan spot

A bit later, a bit further. A crashed tape on the pavement, near nr. 135 (see scan + photo). Pakistan pop. "Made in Pakistan".

05/02/2009 12h Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Ceintuurbaan spot

Leftovers from the free market, at Queen's Day, that took place two days earlier. There were several bits of this tape, spread out from the corner of the Tweede van der Helsstraat to the pavement in front of the nrs 119-121, near the (by now former) Ceintuurbaan post office. It is from a Dutch educational tape for children. The first bit I found was used to attach a hand written sign to the pole of a street sign, on the corner of the Van der Helsstraat. (See photos).

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