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04/30/2009 22h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Weteringschans spot

Among the left-overs of the Queen's Day free market, a wad of tape containing classical music, and a cassette containing the admission examination in music theory (solfège) for those aspiring to enter the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatory in 1987 (see picture)

04/21/2009 21h Paris XX (France) - 99, rue des Orteaux

Clod of tape lying around in Cosmo's studio. Ennio Morricone's soundtrack to 'Once upon a time in the west'.

04/21/2009 20h Paris XX (France) - rue d'Avron spot

On a side of the street up for roadworks, opposite nr. 120. See picture. Mixtape with divers pop: Madonna, and Nina Simone's version of My Way.

04/19/2009 20h35 Bures-Sur-Yvette (France) - avenue des Tilleuls spot

Later that evening, the same junk-hunt. Another pile of trash, and another two cassettes.
A. Mixtape with divers pop and italian and french variety, titled "Slow Time" by its compiler. In the compilation your hear a screaming french Starmania recording of a chanson that also is elsewhere in the FT playlist (as soon as I come upon it again, I'll link it here :-) ...)
B. TDK SF90 cassette containing two full albums by prog rockers Marillion: Fugazi and Misplaced Childhood. From this last album in the montage you'll hear a fragment of Bitter Suite.

04/19/2009 17h Bures-Sur-Yvette (France) - avenue de l'Yvette spot

Two tapes in a pile of junk on the pavement opposite of Rébus' house (see picture), while on a junk-hunt in the south-western suburbs of Paris, preparing for Jonah Bucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki's scrapyard-challenge in the Palais de Tokyo
A. French variety. Among the fragments in the montage there is Marc Lavoine's Elle a les Yeux Revolver (recognized by Shazam).
B. Pop. Alanis Norisette. The fragment in the montage is from All I Really Want (identified by Shazam).

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