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[ - Vincennes (France), Maastricht (Kunsttour)/Amsterdam (the Netherlands) may/august 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


04/13/2009 09h00 Vincennes (France) - rue de Fontenay spot

On the corner with the avenue du Château, two tapes left after that morning's garbage collection. One a copy of Nirvana's Nevermind, the other of the soundtrack of 'Russell Simons presents The Show'. See photo.

04/10/2009 18h00 Hainaut (Belgium) - highway frontier with France spot

Picked up, like the other 'Hainaut - finds', during a stop of the Euroline bus between Brussels and Paris, around the parking near a cafeteria on the Belgium-French border. See photo.

04/06/2009 13h30 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue van Volxem spot

Cassette found by Jean-Jacques Duerinckx in the gutter (see photo), near the Brass, where earlier we worked for a couple of days with "A Table!". Tape was recorded from Radio RTL, sometime when the euro was not yet the pan-european currency.

03/27/2009 15h00 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du Jeu de Balle spot

Abandoned on the market place, a reel-to-teel tape with a recording of music from a radio progamme (flemish), and an 8track cartridge. See picture.

03/22/2009 20h50 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Scheldestraat spot

On the corner with the Deurloostraat, at the foot of a small tree on the pavement. Strand picked up on my way with Ronald H. to go and eat a pizza (see pichture). Variety.

03/20/2009 11h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Eerste Sweelinckstraat spot

On the corner with the Govert Flinckstraat, among the left over stuff from the emptying of an appartment - a removal, or maybe the occupant died ? - a couple of cassettes and a reel-to-reel tape (see picture)
A. Side A: recording of program of a Surinam(or Indonesian?)-Dutch radio programme. Music, and call-ins. Side B: empty
B. Side A: a short piece of radio recording of/for the same station, called Mighty Radio. Then empty. Side B: empty
C. Side A: On het label of the cassette is written "Grolsch Hoek". African music, played live. In between the music there's talking of the musicians.
D. reel-to-reel - side A+B: easy listening, jazz, etc. recorded from radio.

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