Exhibit 103

[ - Vincennes (France), may 14/17 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


03/15/2009 16h00 Paris XVIII (France) - avenue de la Porte de Clignancourt spot

Just before entrance to roundway, wound around foot of a streetlamp. Arabic.

03/15/2009 01h10 Paris XX (France) - rue du commandant l'Herminier spot

Wound around pole corner with the avenue Gallieni (see photo). Shazam recognized the tracks as by Mali singer-songwriter Salif Keita. In the montage you hear Mandjou.

03/15/2009 01h05 Paris XX (France) - avenue de la Porte de Vincennes spot

Wound around pole near the entrance to the roundway in northern direction. See photo. Arabic

03/07/2009 12h00 Köln (Germany) - Liebigstraße spot

Contributed by Jacques Foschia, who picked up this bit of tape near nr. 23. "We were on our way to buy some sauasges," Jacques told me. Country/Rock/Easy listening.There's Elvis Presley's 1956 remake of Hound Dog, She's Not You and Return to Sender; Shazam recognized Tom Tom Turnaround, by the Australian pop group New World, Elvis Presley's Hound Dog

02/26/2009 16h45 Haarlem (the Netherlands) - Grote Markt spot

See photo. Dutch variety. Shazam recognized entertainer Gordon Heukeroth, singing Omdat ik Zo van Je Hou, from the album 'The Après Ski Mix/Alle 100 Lekker' (?)

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