Exhibit 95

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06/26/2008 14h50 Paris XIII (France) - rue du Chevaleret spot

Near the metro exit Bibliothèque François Mitterand, wound around the pedal of a bicycle that stood against a young tree planted on the pavement. Arabic. Maybe a recording (with crappy equipment) of a lecture/sermon by an imam on religious things? (See photos)

06/20/2008 19h00 Paris XVIII (France) - avenue de la Porte de la Chapelle spot

Spotted from inside the car, underway for a duo performance with Anthony Carcone. Rap/hip-hop (french).

06/02/2008 09h56 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Quellijnstraat spot

In the gutter near nr. 126A. Another empty bit of tape ...

05/25/2008 28h00 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Cabergerweg spot

Picked up while underway to Kaspar König's ArtSpace Rondeel, with our Radio Raudio Kunsttour trolley. The tape was on the pavement, at the corner with the Fort Willemsnweg. Divers pop/rock/R&B/hip-hop. My iPhone's Shazam identified My Way by Limp Bizkit, from their album Chocolate St*rfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water (in montage), Senegal by Akon (in montage) and Comin' From Where I'm From by Anthony Hamilton.

05/19/2008 14h30 Bagnolet (France) - avenue du Général de Gaulle spot

On the traffic island at the corner with the avenue de la République (see photos). French-african cabaret.

05/15/2008 15h40 Vincennes (France) - avenue de la République spot

On the pavement, near nr. 56. The bit of tape was empty.

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