Exhibit 94

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05/04/2008 00h20 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Mauritskade spot

On the central reserve, just before the crossing with the Wibautstraat.

05/03/2008 16h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat spot

One more strand of tape caught in a bicycle rack. On the pavement near nr. 155. On it there's a dutch popular song.

05/02/2008 12h15 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Govert Flinckstraat spot

On the corner with the Ferdinand Bolstraat. A small strand with popular classics.

04/30/2008 21h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Ceintuurbaan spot

Found near nrs. 115-117, on the pavement. It was among the remains of the traditional yearly Queen's Day free market. The recording must have been intended as a tape letter for a family member spending having gone abroad for a while (probably to Indonesia). We hear messages from a young and an older woman, which I guess will be the adressee's sister and mother.

04/25/2008 --h-- Montreal (Canada) - Rue Clark spot

Two cassettes found and contributed by Esther Bourdages (see pictures).

04/24/2008 14h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat spot

Caught in a bicyclerack, near nr. 19 (see photo).

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