Exhibit 96 - Neukölln, Berlin - july 2/3, 2008

[ - july 03-05, 2008, at Cake & Coffee Records shop and gallery, in the Westerstraße, Berlin-Neukölln -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]

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Cake and Coffee


07/03/2008 17h10 Berlin (Germany) - Sonnenallee spot

On the middle part, near nr. 64. Probably turkish once again ...

07/03/2008 17h00 Berlin (Germany) - Sonnenallee spot

Back on the crossing with the Innstraße, I pause for a moment in the shadow underneath the trees, next to a container "Kleiderspende Deutsches Rote Kreuz", where one may put used clothes for the Red Cross. I look down on the pavement, and see a dog's turd. Next to the dog's turd, there's a bit of tape. Probably turkish.

07/03/2008 16h45 Berlin (Germany) - Sonnenallee spot

On the traffic island on the first part of the bridge across the canal, near S-bahn station Sonnenallee. A short and worn piece, containing - probably religious - recitation (koran?).

07/03/2008 16h30 Berlin (Germany) - Sonnenallee spot

Again on the crossing of Sonnenallee and Innstraße, but on the other side, I found a crashed cassette. It is Lebanese, dated 1994, and edited by a company called 'MusicBox Int' (see picture).

07/03/2008 15h30 Berlin (Germany) - Sonnenallee spot

A bit further on the middle part of the Sonnenallee, opposite nr. 98 (see picture). Turkish.

07/03/2008 15h25 Berlin (Germany) - Sonnenallee spot

On the middle part of the crossing with the Innstraße (see picture). Techno.

07/02/2008 21h30 Berlin (Germany) - Dresdenerstraße spot

Near nr. 119. The tape was stuck inside a broken car radio/cassetteplayer, that I found standing in the gutter next to a car and the box of a new player that probably replaced the broken one (see pictures). The tape is the cassette edition of the album Biz Ayrilamayiz by the popular turkish transsexual singer Bülent Ersoy.

07/02/2008 16h15 Berlin (Germany) - Rütlistraße spot

Tape wound around the barbed wire along a wooden fence on the corner with the Pflügerstraße (see picture). On the tape a german story for children, one of the many adventures of Bibi Blocksberg, a schoolgirl that is also a witch, and the main character in an ongoing series of radio plays ...

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