Exhibit 93

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04/20/2008 19h50 Vincennes (France) - avenue de Paris spot

On a pile of rubbish on the pavement, corner with the rue de Colmar. A Philips Super quality C90 cassette, in a BASF box (see picture). What's on it seems to be recorded from the speakers of a television set, using a microphone.

04/07/2008 17h55 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat spot

Near nr. 240, on the pavement. A small strand.

04/06/2008 12h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Rijnstraat spot

Bit of tape caught by a twig, lying in the gutter near nr. 252 (see photo). German 'Schlager'.

04/03/2008 10h50 Bagnolet (France) - Avenue du Général de Gaulle spot

Wound around the pole of a traffic light, just after the roundabout, in the direction of Gallieni.

04/02/2008 12h10 Vincennes (France) - Rue de Montreuil spot

A small strand in the gutter, near the entrance to the Banque de France.

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