Exhibit 85

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07/30/2007 16h25 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Micro-cassette on a pile of rubbish near the fence of the small 'corner market' (see picture). A girl is talking, about herself and her studies (?), in a language that might be italian, but I am not quite sure. I managed to understand that she is in Paris, studying sociology at university Paris V ...

07/30/2007 16h15 Bagnolet - avenue de la République spot

On the traffic island on the corner with the rue du Château. This seems to be a lecture, or part of a course (in french). Psychiatry / theology related.

07/30/2007 16h05 Bagnolet - avenue de la République spot

Near nr. 24. A strand of reel-to-reel tape on the pavement.

07/30/2007 16h00 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni spot

Opposite nrs. 40-50 (see picture). Arabic / turkish (?).

07/27/2007 15h le Bois-Plage-en-Ré, Ile-de-Ré (France) spot

On a traffic island on the route départementale (near bus stop) while on our way by car to the bridge that connects the island with the main land. Pop/rock.

07/06/2007 17h55 Paris X - Quai de Jemmapes spot

Near nr. 12 (?), tape spotted from inside Jean-Jacques Duerinckx' car, while we were on our way to the festival R-de-Choc. Arabic. See picture

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