Exhibit 51

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01/21/2006 18h20 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

On the corner of the rue Edouard Vaillant, a promotional tape ('Les lady's du rock') offered by Old Lady's Dry Gin ("Le gin qui a toujours sécoué la vieille angleterre") (see picture), in 1990, containing four 'rock lady tracks' : Treat me right, performed by Pat Benatar, Blondie's Call me, Total eclipse of the heart sung by Bonnie Tyler, and (in the montage) Nena's 99 Luftballons ...

01/18/2006 14h30 Vincennes - avenue de la Républlique

Tiny strand of rap/hip-hop in the gutter near nr. 49.

01/15/2006 15h15 Paris X - Point Ephémère, quai de Valmy

These are the bits that had fallen of of Colin Ponthot's Monster Happy Tape, and picked up by me when I visited the installation, which was part of the Octopus festival exposition at the Point Ephémère. It makes for a montage within a montage, with bits of Schubert, techno, spanish language lessons, part of a course in economics, fragments from the Doors' L.A. Woman album, and more ...

01/14/2006 16h20 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Another 'puces sauvages' find, in the gutter near nr. 140, avenue Galieni (in front of the 'AB Décor' shop). The tape contains a mix of pop and french variety, among which (parts of) Michel Sardou's album Le Successeur. In the montage you hear a fragment of 'Le Paraguay n'est plus ce qu'il était'.

01/14/2006 15h25 Paris XI - rue de la Roquette

Just around the corner from the place de la Bastille, on the pavement wrapped around the foot of a metal pole. Part of tape on which a woman reporter (?) interviews - in french - an artist (?). There is a (partial) transcription of the text in the soundblog ...

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