Exhibit 50 - Bobigny II - jan. 9/12, 2006

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01/12/2006 13h40 Bobigny - rue Pablo Picasso

In the gutter, near nr. 12bis, opposite the bus and metro station. Arabic.

01/12/2006 13h20 Bobigny - boulevard Lénine

Bit of tape wound below around one of the small blue metal pyramids along the tramway track on the corner with the avenue Karl Marx (see for an example of such a 'pyramid' the picture accompanying find #249)

01/12/2006 13h05 Bobigny - avenue Jean Jaurès

Small pretty deteriorated bit caught in some weed on the traffic island on the corner with place Normandie-Niemen (see picture). This must be another bit of the tape that I picked up at the same spot on october 10, 2005 (#249) ... loup y es-tu ?... m'entends-tu ? ...

01/12/2006 12h55 Bobigny - rue de Stalingrad

Opposite bus stop Escadrille Normandie-Niemen / Stalingrad. African (?).

01/09/2006 12h35 Bobigny - avenue de l'Illustration

Found under a truck parked on the parking next to the Eglise de tous les Saints (see picture). Pop music mix tape. The song in the montage is "Another day in Paradise", sung by ... correct me if I'm wrong ... Phil Collins.

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