Exhibit 52

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01/29/2006 16h10 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Two cassettes, left behind at the end of the 'wild market', in the gutter near nr. 91.
First: a Sony UX 90, with a sticker reading: SALSA. On it an album with Beatles covers (A Tropical Tribute to the Beatles), followed by a recording of a radio programme on (?) Voltage FM, playing dance ("I need a sex machine", "You wanna fuck my pussy, well let me fuck your dick ...") and rock (U2's New Year's Day, from the album War).
Second: a Sony HF 90, tape inside was broken. There must have been some sticky liquid been spilled all over it, for it appeared to be mighty difficult to unwind and play ... during playback it broke again, several times ... It contains mainly reggae/dub music, and - twice - the tune of the Mission Impossible television series.

01/25/2006 23h15 Montreuil - rue du Progrès

On the parking lot, corner with the rue Emile Zola, an old Philips C60 cassette 'made in Holland' ; written with pencil on A side label : 'Rock around the clock' ; on B side label it read :'Bande degueulasse mal enregistrée' (see picture). Apart from some of Bill Haley's 1950's classics, the cassette contains hit music from the 1960's and 1970's. Among the fragments heard in the montage there are Crazy Horses by the Osmonds, Herman's Hermits and their No Milk Today and Marc Bolan's T. Rex with Bang a Gong (Get it On) from the Electric Warrior album. The 'noises' on the tape suggest that the songs were recorded onto the cassette by placing a microphone in front of a gramophone's loud speaker ...

01/23/2006 13h05 Bobigny - rue de Stalingrad

Second of two bits, badly damaged (see picture) ... Sung/spoken Arabic. Must be Koran recitations.

01/23/2006 13h05 Bobigny - rue de Stalingrad

A little further, caught and mixed up under another one of our little blue friends. Two bits, badly damaged (see picture) ... 1 of 2. On this one: Waterfalls, by TLC ; from their album CrazySexyCool.

01/23/2006 13h00 Bobigny - rue de Stalingrad

Caught in the weeds near one of the little blue pyramids that line the tramway tracks, opposite nr. 258 (see picture). You hear a fragment of Karmacoma, by Massive Attack ; from their album Protection.

01/23/2006 09h25 Aubervilliers - avenue de la division Leclerc

In the gutter near the public gardens, not far from the Métafort d'Aubervilliers. Arabic.

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