Exhibit 45

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11/01/2005 14h45 Amsterdam - 2e van der Helsstraat

Opposite nrs. 71-73, in the gutter near TOTAL service station ... Rock. Shazam recognized Tears for Fears, and the Talking Heads ('The Great Curve') [ nov. 24th, 2009 ]

10/30/2005 14h30 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Papyrussingel

Spotted from inside my brother's car. Wrapped amidst weeds around the foot of a lamp post (see picture) on the corner with the Brusselseweg. Dutch variety ... "de blijdschap in jouw ooohgen" ...

10/30/2005 11h35 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Nijverheidsweg

Alongside traffic island opposite the 'Euro College' (see picture). A clod from a German language lesson.

10/17/2005 13h15 Pantin - avenu de la division Leclerc

On pavement, opposite nr. 31. French (Canadian?) variety. The song we hear is called Une vague bleu. But the singer? Is it Claude Valade?

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