Exhibit 44

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10/16/2005 16h30 Montreuil - rue de Rosny

Some minutes later, but still in the same street. Underneath a piece of stone on the pavement (see picture). The tape played back awesome crackles and hiss, but nothing else ...

10/16/2005 16h26 Montreuil - rue de Rosny

Just a couple of metres from where I picked up #254 (see picture). The (pretty degraded) tape fragment contains a very divers mix of techno, pop and stuff. As well as a snippet of speech ... (?) Among many others there's "Macarena" (earlier found in Maastricht, on another of them 'mix tapes' [fotex 12, #59]), and - am I right? - Johnny Haliday ...

10/16/2005 16h25 Montreuil - rue de Rosny

Picked up on our way to the 'portes ouvertes' events at La Machinante, on the pavement opposite the 'bureaux Rond Point 93'. French rap/hip-hop.

10/15/2005 21h20 Châlons-en-Champagne - allée Voltaire / route de Troyes

On the corner of the roundabout at the bifurcation of the D5 and the N77. Spotted from Eric's car, on our way back to Paris after the Cosmodrome performance in Châlons ... hattipEric was kind enough to make an 'emergency brake', to let me jump out of the car to grab the tape, thus compensating for some of the frustration I do feel at the view of many a tape along the high way that can not be picked up (that easily) ... :-) ... pop music.

10/11/2005 18h50 Paris X - rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin

Picked up not far from the gare de l'Est, opposite the maison de l'architecture les Récollets (nrs. 152-156 - see picture) while I was strolling around Paris with Marta Bergman, who was in town on the occasion of the screening of her latest film at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles. I mention this detail, because much of Marta's cinematographic work over the years had to do with the romanian gypsy 'lautari', the Taraf de Haïdouks (from the village of Cléjani) and their music. On the tape I found with Marta there was - gypsy music ...

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