Exhibit 12

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09/11+18+22/2003 09h00/09h00/12h00 Pantin - avenue de la Division Leclerc

Bits of cassette tape that I came across at more or less the same spot, on the corner with the rue Boileau, but on three different occasions, in the course of eleven days. The fragments seem to originate from the same source. French chansons and Caribian songs (zouk).

09/01/2003 21h10 Vincennes - avenue de Paris

Opposite nr. 72 ; symphonic rock. Shazam and Sound Hound (february 15tn, 2010) recognized this as a fragment of Mike Olfield's Mirage.

07/18/2003 11h25 Vincennes - avenue de Paris

Arabic (tunesian) music. Bit of tape picked up on the corner with the rue du Parc and proudly carried back home to daddy by Gersande, who two weeks earlier had turned 6 years of age.

07/15/2003 12h40 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Kurasruwe

Found in the shrubbery near my mother's house. Divers mix of pop, disco, and rock hits.... "Macarena" , and an uptempo new wavy sort of song, the chorus of which goes like "Starvation, starvation, starvation is real"... Or, that is what I (mis)heard it like. I googled the phrase, which brought me to a page referring to the Cranberries. So of course, I gathered this to be a Cranberries song. And yes, indeed it is. I managed to 'track it down' in the iTunes Store. There was a funny twist though: no 'starvation' in there. The track appeared to be called 'Salvation' (and the chorus line goes: "Salvation, salvation, salvation is free") ... It is from the band's 1996 album To the Faithful Departed.

06/27/2003 12h20 Bobigny - rue Diderot

A mix of anglophonic pop/disco and Arabic songs; radio recordings (Europe 2).

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