Exhibit 26

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03/25/2005 18h05 Vincennes - in the RER station, on the city-bound track

Spotted this tape bit earlier that day, about 12h40, while waiting for a train to take me to Cergy. It was well stuck between some stones along the track; tracks are too far down from the platform for me to be able to reach them by hand (without descending on the track), but this one - unlike the one I spotted in january on the Bérault metro track - had to be in reach of my home made 'tape 'n' soothers fishing utility' ... I was right ... Mighty greasy it was in places, surely because of all (how many?) the trains that passed over it ... On it: French rap/hip-hop. Shazam and SoundHound [ feb. 26th, 2010 ] recognized "Lettre ouverte", by the French hip-hop collective One Shot.

03/21/2005 16h15 Montreuil - rue Auguste Blanqui

Caribbean/Antilian (?)

03/21/2005 16h00 Paris XX - avenue du professeur André Lemierre

Cassette inside a broken cassette tape deck, thrown away on the pavement opposite the Montreuil flea market. It contains four short stories for children, from the series"Les Amis du Bois de Quat'Sous", the French version of "The Animals of Farthing Wood", based upon the children's novels of Colin Dann. The cassette is the 16th in a series, 'made in Italy'; it's © 1995, 'Vente séparée interdite' ... we hear the voices of Michel Elias, Géraurd Loussine and Marie Vincent.

03/21/2005 14h25 Montreuil - rue de Paris, near the ringway, opposite the Marionnaud shop

French variety ... The song must be called "L'amour est là" ... but who's the singer ...? Shazam [ feb. 26th, 2010 ] identified him: it's Fred Poulet.

03/20/2005 13h30 Vincennes - avenue de Paris, halfway the pedestrian crossing near the avenue Antoine Quinson

Badly traffic- and weather worn bit of tape, twisted around a bit of weed (see picture). Symphonic classical music: we hear a fragment of the Méditation, a symphonic intermezzo from the opera Thaïs by French composer Jules Massenet.

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