Exhibit 25

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03/17/2005 12h30 Pantin - avenue des Courtillières, across the street from nr. 18, small part of tape caught behind a loose bit of a tree's bark

funky pop

03/15/2005 12h40 Pontoise - Chemin du nouveau Saint-Martin, across the street from nr. 2

?? (see picture)

03/11/2005 12h00 Pontoise - RER station, on the pedestrian bridge crossing the tracks


03/10/2005 12h15 Bobigny - rue Voltaire

Two small bits on a sandy pedestrian track, near nr.4. Bluesy ... Is that Tom Waits singing? ... Indeed it is, as was confirmed, in an email dated march 22 2005, by Eoin Vincent. We hear a fragment of the song 'Wrong side of the road', from the album Blue Valentine (1978).

03/08/2005 12h50 Pontoise - on the outside first floor level of the building of the faculty of Science and Technology of the Université Cergy-Pontoise, 2, rue Adolphe-Chauvin

Very small bit, apparently stuck for some time already in the metal of the cover of a drain for the rain ... French rap/hip-hop. Shazam and SoundHound [ feb. 25th, 2010 ] identified "Hors-Saison", by the French rapper Booba.

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