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03/08/2005 12h40 Pontoise - piece of wasteland on the corner of the Chausée Jules César and the Chemin de Vauréal à Saint-Martin

While 'harvesting' #121, I saw a white cassette lying somewhat further on. First thought this to be the 'cassette' that went with the tape I was picking up. But no, as it turned out to be complete. Very dirty and wet, but the tape inside was not even broken (see picture) ... It reads: "DIMaudio Septembre 98". And "C'est la rentrée!!!", "SB - SmithKline Beecham - Laboratoires pharmaceutiques". In the last sentence of the small print it says: "Support audio exclusivement réservé à l'usage des délégués médicaux de SmithKline Beecham" ... So here you go :-) ... The tape was made for and distributed among medical representatives of SmithKline Beecham's French branch in september 1998, and contains 'peptalk' and information related to the company's sale strategy, in the form of short interviews. The fragment to be heard as part of this exhibit is about the antidepressant deroxat. (In 2000 the company, through a merger with Glaxo Wellcome, became GlaxoSmithKline.)

03/08/2005 12h35 Pontoise - piece of wasteland on the corner of the Chaussée Jules César and the Chemin de Vauréal à Saint-Martin

[ Lat: 49:02:42N (49.045) Lon: 2:05:16E (2.0879) - satellite map for this find (Google) ]

Collecting #120, and following its lead along the wasteland's fencing, through a hole in the fence I saw more tape between the bushes, mud and dirt there. A closer look proved this to be a different one, as its coating's color was much darker. On it: anglophonic funky pop, and french rap/hip-hop. Shazam and Sound Hound (february 21st, 2010) recognized Daft Punk's Digital Love.

03/08/2005 12h30 Pontoise - on the pavement along the Chaussée Jules César, between the avenue François Mitterand and the Chemin de Vauréal à Saint-Martin

I found this tape on the pavement, stretched out along many meters, parts tightly entangled in the twigs of the bushes, separating the sidewalk from a small piece of wasteland on the corner of the Chaussée and the Chemin. The music it contains is instrumental, atmospheric, Probably the soundtrack of a film.
[ Indeed it is. Shazam and Sound Hound (february 21st, 2010) told me the music is Ennio Morricone's. ]

02/26/2005 16h00 Montreuil - rue Auguste Blanqui

A complete, red, cassette (see picture), with broken tape, in the mud of one of the flower beds on the sidewalk along the building of the Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances. A demonstration tape for the English language course for French pupils, 'Spring 6e', Hachette Livre, 2000.

02/26/2005 15h30 Bagnolet - on the avenue Gallieni, near nr. 168, not far from the Montreuil flea market

A short piece of reel to reel tape, lying in the gutter. There's (choir?) music on it, but, at least for me, it's much too short to identify it.

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