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12/13/2004 18h15 Bobigny - rue Diderot

A tape with a mix of hiphop, rap and R&B tracks. We hear part of 'Murder reigns', by Ja Rule, from the album The last temptation ... Some of the other songs on the tape were R. Kelly's 'Who's that', from the album Chocolate factory, and 'Keep this fire burning', by Robyn (Don't stop the music).

10/31/2004 16h00 Vincennes - rue Massue

Hiphop / Rap / Soul / R&B. Shazam and Sound Hound (february 19th, 2010) identified "Are You Ready (Until Tonight)", by Leon Bryant, from the album 'Finders, Keepers' (1984)

10/18/2004 17h30 Bobigny - rue de Balzac

A dirty and broken pre-recorded cassette copy of the music (by various artitsts) from the Original Soundtrack of Rocky IV (see picture), in the gutter next to a parked car. In the montage one hears fragments of 'One Way Street (Go West), 'War' (Vince DiCola) and 'Eye of the Tiger' (Survivor).

09/30/2004 16h30 Pantin - avenue des Courtillières


09/24/2004 17h30 Vincennes - rue Massue

Knotted and wound around the small metal protective fences of three successive trees along the pavement. Among the couple of R&B tracks it contained there's 'Just another night (withouth your love)', by "D" Train (to be found for example on the man's The Best Of album).

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