Exhibit 20

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09/23/2004 09h55 Cergy - on the parking of the shopping centre near RER station Cergy Préfecture

On the labels of the broken cassette (see picture) that I found that morning on the parking lot was written (A side) 'B E B E', and a cell phone number; (B side) L A I S I S ... The music that was on it: (spanish ?) songs, pop ...
Shazam and Sound Hound (february 19th, 2010) recognized A Pesar Del Trope(zon) by the Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja.

09/15/2004 19h10 Vincennes, rue de Fontenay

An 'over the top' reggae/dub(?) tape ... who are these guys?

09/12/2004 14h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Eerste Oosterparkstraat

Arabic. Sung-spoken recitations from the Koran (thanks to Miryam Aroua).

09/11/2004 14h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - on the small bridge crossing the Muidergracht, at the beginning of the Plantage Middenlaan

Pop and hip-hop/rap. We hear a fragment of 'Karma Hotel', by Spooks - from the album S.I.O.S.O.S., Vol. I.

08/15/2004 16h12 Gagny - on the crossing of the allée Laguilhonie and the allée d'Origny

Iranian(?) (pop).
[ Found and contributed by Philippe Villeroy. ]

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"Parfois l'amour tourne à l'obsession ..."


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