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08/07/2004 15h15 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Bunderruwe

A recording of a local carnival tradition: extracts, in dialect, from a 'buutrede', and some hoempa music ...

07/14/2004 18h45 Dax - avenue de la Gare

A 'Spice Girls' tape, found by my son Alec (11). On it is their 1997 Spice album! And what you are hearing is, of course, an extract from their hit 'Wannabe' ... :-)

07/12/2004 15h45 Montreuil - rue Emile Zola

Couple of bits of techno ... "Jump for joy" ...

07/07/2004 17h20 Pantin - avenue des Courtillières

The french chansonnière Jenifer sings "Au soleil" ...

07/04/2004 14h15 Montreuil - rue François Arago

Second of two tapes that I found near a building site, on a rainy sunday afternoon in Montreuil, together with a cardboard cover, and the plastic 'container' (well, of course, that part actually is the 'cassette' ...) of a commercially produced tape (see picture). I do not know whether these 'periphernalia' came from and belong to the tapes I found. This second tape contains instrumental soft jazz, which would fit the cassette in the picture, which is titled 'MELOE'. The tracks on the cassette are 'composed and arranged' by Jacques Parmentier, and have titles like 'Evanescence', 'Idylle', 'L'être de mon moulin'... I didn't manage to 'google' or 'iTune' any relevant information on these names. Do mail me if you know more!

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Montreuil periphernalia

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