Exhibit 18

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07/04/2004 14h15 Montreuil - rue François Arago

One of two tapes that I found near a building site, on a rainy sunday afternoon in Montreuil, together with a cardboard cover (see picture), and the plastic of a commercially produced tape. I do not know whether these 'periphernalia' came from and belong to the tapes I found.
The first tape contains a large selection of different types of music: Arabic, reggae, hiphop/rap, spanish (flamenco?) ...
Shazam and Sound Hound (february 18th, 2010) identified Ritmo De La Noche, by the Gipsy Kings (from the album 'Love and Liberté'), and Zawiya, by L'Orchestre National de Barbes.

06/24/2004 18h00 Bobigny - rue Diderot, in the gutters

Badly damaged; probably (French) hiphop/rap.

06/19/2004 17h30 Vincennes - avenue de Paris, near the Shell service station

Lionel Richie, "Do it to me".

06/17/2004 10h00 Bobigny - rue Cachin, in the gutter of the pavement in front of the entrance to the nursing school

Indian (?)

06/14/2004 10h30 Clichy - rue Martre

Arabic (algerian?)

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