Exhibit 17

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05/03/2004 22h30 Vincennes - avenue de la République, on the road traversing the RER

Tape containing French rap tracks, and American soul/RB. The montage contains part of a rap track, and fragment of the song "The First Night", by Monica, from her album The Boy is Mine.

04/22/2004 9h20 Pantin - avenue de la Division Leclerc

Part of a (radio) play, or soundtrack of a film, in literary Arabic, with an algerian accent (and religious content?)... "the blood that has flowed because of you" ... "that is impossible!" ... (thank you, Myriam Aroua).

04/18/2004 11h30 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Hellebaardruwe, in the gutter near nrs. 31/33

Recording of a preacher, preaching in Walloon (the Belgian French dialect), probably addressing an Afro-Belgian community (from Congo): "... Chez nous les femmes travaillent beaucoup ! ... Elles gèrent des millions ! "

04/16/2004 16h45 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Kurasruwe, on the drive of my mother's garage

Dutch language lessons.

04/08/2004 16h30 Bobigny - rue de Chablis

Two pieces of tape wound around the foot of a tree; the tapes are of different colour, hence probably from two different cassettes. One of them contains popmusic, the other, sung-spoken in Arabic, recitation of texts from the Koran (thanks to Myriam Aroua).

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"Parfois l'amour tourne à l'obsession ..."
Found Tapes for Spies

cover EP

Exhibit 17 is one of the four tracks of 'Found Tapes for Spies', a net-EP released by the mexican 'Música para Espías', in february 2005.


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