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Vive Le Placard ! Varia...

august 11, 2019

Some smallish (surtout pics and) varia on the wonderful Placard Festival, 'varia' that only popped up on Twitter at the time. Just for completeness... Over the past five, six years or so, the flame of the 'international headphone festival' just kind of ... got extinguished ... Without ever been declared 'over and done' with by Erik Minkkinen, who moved away from Paris to quieter regions, and who, I'd say, is the one person that eventually should/could pull the plug, if a plug should/could be pulled. Maybe it should not. All things, good or bad, disappear also without big or small goodbyes, and also with no plugs ever being un-plugged. [[ Maybe will add (now or later) some more various thoughts and remarks on the way. Or maybe not... ]]


As of 2013, there were no more 72 hours marathon, but there was a 24 hours Placard, on (one of) the first(s) floor(s) at La Générale in Sèvres, starting in the afternoon of July 20th and running way into the afternoon of July 21st.


Rébus and I performed at minuit pile in the Placard at the Résidence 87 art space, at 87 Avenue Secrétan in Paris XIX, which was for both of us the cleanest and timeliest of all of the many placards that we attended over the years. Reason, really, for emergency...

And contrary to what you read in the tweet below, 2016 was the 19th year of Placard, and not the 18th (the very first one that Erik Minkkinen did was back in 1998 ...)

That same 19th year, the Collectif MU organised a placard on a boat roaming the river and canals of Paris. I jumped onboard for a part of the trip...

When I got off the boat again a couple of hours later, yes, that must have been where my placard journey ended.

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