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Vieux Media Fests à La Générale - 2 ((2017))

july 21 , 2018

[ ... Read earlier words & thoughts about the 2016 Vieux Media Fest at La Généreale ... For each of the Vieux Media and other 2017 days at La Générale 10 seconds of recorded sound can be found in my 10-secs-a-day sound diary for prime year 2017, 2M0M1XXVII. The precise spots in the diary are indicated below along with the corresponding event's description. ]

#4 - La G's neighbor ...

[ 10 secs of sound, June 14th 2017: 2M0M1XXVII Third, 3'00" - 3'10" ]

Here is a Fluxian text score that Rébus showed me at some point during the 2016 Vieux Media Fest at La Générale. It was written - sometime in the 1960s - by Jean-Claude Moineau, who, as a matter of fact, is living right next door to La G, surrounded by the biggest private collection of art books and and other art writing in - at least - the French metropolitan area.


Active as an artist in the roaring Paris and abroad of the 1960s, after 1968 Jean-Claude switched to art theory and critique, and taught these sort of things for near to forty years, from 1969 till 2008 at the Université Paris 8. In his very own, pretty peculiar, way, which earned him the love and dedication of several generations of Parisian art students.

JCM books

A great many of them gathered in La G on June 14th, 2017, for a day-long non-academic event dedicated to Jean-Claude Moineau's work as a thinker, theorist, writer, critic ... and as an auto-contradictionist.


[ Printing here from everywhere ... in my particular case, this meant: from behind La Générale's bar. ]


with former students

with former students

[ Jean-Claude Moineau / Jean-Baptiste Farkas : Entretien ]

"When is art? When is there art? When is art here?" These are questions inseparable of their duals: "Where is art? Where is there art? Where is art here?". Something is not art in itself but only in certain particular spatio-temporal contexts.

espèce[s] d'espace[s]
"...la question de savoir s'il convient de parler de lieux ou d'espaces (en rapport avec les notions d'espace métrique euclidien et d'espace perspectif ou projectif), voire, avec Anne Cauquelin, de sites (selon elle sortes d'hybrides entre lieux et espaces), ou, avec Michel Foucault, d'emplacements (en rapport avec la notion générale d'espace topologique) ..."

"... (photographic or sonic reproduction [Benjamin] increasingly replaced the work) >> on a pu «enregistrer» un changement de régime d'écoute, quand bien même celui-ci [...] n'est pas nécessairement passé d'une écoute attentive à une écoute distraite comme dans la musique d'ameublement, la muzak ou l'ambient music puisque, selon James Johnson et William Weber, l'écoute inattentive, si tant est qu'écoute il y avait, était l'écoute la plus pratiquée au dix-huitième siècle alors que ce n'est qu'au dix-neuvième siècle que s'est développée l'écoute attentive."
[ It was only in the nineteenth century that lights in concert halls were turned off during performances. ]

"L'attente, pour le moins, qu'il n'y en ait pas moins quelque chose d'exposé, attente qu'ont entrepris de contrecarrer les expositions expressément vides de toute œuvre exposée, quand bien même ces expositions ont elles-mêmes fini par engendrer une attente, voire un genre, celui de l'exposition vide qu'est venu entériner l'exposition Vides, Une rétrospective au Centre Pompidou."

"...en l'absence de toute façon de toute signification immanente des « œuvres » à travers [Stanley Fish] les communautés interprétatives, [la] « co-présence » des spectateurs [...] dans l'espace d'exposition... [T]hink of the problems encountered by Paul-Armand Gette at the Center Pompidou when he wanted to expose not the toilets but inside the toilets."

"... l'art, tout comme la fiction, a nécessairement caractère intentionnel, l'art, tout comme l'objet esthétique, n'a pas nécessairement caractère intentionnel [...], l'art ne recherche pas nécessairement un accord intersubjectif, mais [...] l'art n'est nullement dans l'obligation de se faire annoncer comme tel ..."

[un-Public] -- "... ressort alors l'exigence [...] de sortir de l'art en tant que tel, [...] de « promouvoir » un art sans identité aucune, sans même identité d'art. Un art qui ne se donne plus en tant qu'art, légitime ou non, quelle que soit l'instance de légitimation, et qui, de ce fait, accroît son potentiel performatif. Un art qui ne génère aucun horizon d'attente, non identifiable en tant que tel par un quelconque spectateur et donc sans [...] spectateur et encore moins public en même temps que non revendiqué par son auteur, dans l'intention d'être à même d'intervenir (performativement) avec davantage d'efficacité dans et sur la réalité que ce qui est étiqueté art[...]."
( « We need to "promote" an art without any identity, without even an identity of art. An art that is no longer given as art, whatever its legitimating authority, and that so increases its performative potential. An art therefore without spectators, an art without public; at the same time an art not claimed by its author, with the intention of being able to intervene (per-formatively) with more efficiency in and on reality than through what is labeled 'art', always suspect of pretence. » )

[ freely adapted from Jean-Claude Moineau : L'art où l'on ne l'attend pas ? (avril 2012) -- "Tous les textes publiés… peuvent être librement reproduits… même sans indication d'origine." ]

Vieux Media Fest 2017

#5 - More K7-tree (i)

[ 10 secs of sound, July 19th 2017: 2M0M1XXVII Third, 8'50" - 9'00" ]


The K7 tree that we picked up on the Cours de Vincennes in the very midst of the 2016 Vieux Media Fest and that spent the year down in La Générale's catacomb, was brought up and planted once again for the 2017 Fest, which took place between July 19th and July 24th, 2017.

This time around it found itself a partner in the vinyl tree set up by Marc Plas in his little playground corner.



#6 - Vanishing things

[ 10 secs of sound, July 21st 2017: 2M0M1XXVII Third, 9'10" - 9'20" ]

On July 21st Korean curator Kim Eunhyeon presented the Seoul based artist collective ProjectC, along with a curious 'vieux media' mix by Korean artist Goo Soyoung entitled Hello to Vanishing Things, It included an evocation of an ancient but disappearing (media) practice on Jeju Island, where messages are left at the entrance of houses by means of configurations of wooden beams...

vanishing 1

vanishing 1a

... and an old red cassette player playing a tape with the language spoken on Jeju Island, also - as many other languages - slowly disappearing. We, the auditors and onlookers were invited by the curator and the artist to write a message in 'the book', asking for the return of dear one or thing. She-He-It would very likely then to soon come back to us.


Actually, that is how I remembered it. However, looking at the picture that I took back then, the text written on the cardboard does say something slightly different. It proposes just to ask the beloved one/thing that disappeared whether they are 'alright' ... "Si des choses de votre entourage ont disparues, écrivez-leur pour leur demander s'ils vont bien. (Par exemple, la culture, l'amour, un objet, etc ...)"

vanishing 2

Now not so long before that 21st of July, on the 11th, the evening of the very day I had come flying back to Paris from Taipei, in the metro I had been robbed of my wallet. Due to mix of my tiredness, stupidity and not paying attention I was - for just a few minutes - the perfect victim. So my big red leather wallet with quite a bit of money, loads of cards and other things was - all too easily - lifted from the little black bag that I carried on my back, while dragging a huge empty suitcase that I had promised to bring over to my daughter ... 😖 ...
So, sort of obvious that I asked the book to bring my wallet back ... 😎

And it worked!

Well... almost. On August 7th, at the Service des Objets trouvés of the Préfecture de Police in the rue des Morillons, I got back part of its content - most of the plastics, the cards etc - though they did not come with the wallet itself ... soit...


#7 - Other Vieux Korean Media



[ I forgot the name of the author of the 'consu-trash' movies from which you see some / a still(s) above, that were shown that same evening, for good reasons that I also forgot 🤔 ... I need to ask Rébus ... ]

vieux media

#8 - Radioscapes

During the 2017 Vieux Media Fest at La G. I also received from ~Kevin my liner-translator's copy of Nicolas Montgermont's "Radioscapes", a beautifully designed picture vinyl disc released on the Art Kill Art label.


The audio part of the record consists in two side-long tracks, each based on the systematic recording during two weeks of the full electromagnetic radio spectrum on a certain location, and its subsequent transposition to a spectrum of sound waves. For the A-side the location was (48°49'13"N , 02°18'37"E) near Malakoff, a suburb of Paris ...


... and for the B-side (46°33'32"N 04°39'19"E) it was an isolated farm on the French countryside.


"... radio waves easily pass through walls and spatial partitions. Our entire living space is bathed, day and night, in radio noise from multiple artificial or natural sources, with artificial sources being particular intense in urban areas ..."


... OK. So far, so good... Now on to even more of Vieux Media at La Générale... (text coming soon)


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