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aug 17, 2003.

For those that can deal with the pop-ups and -unders (as nowadays I use almost exclusively mozilla and safari, both browsers that enable you to block the unsollicited opening of new windows, i sometimes forget they're still there ...) and the gruesome registration obligation: Strange Audio put up a page on, with a lot of street-, diner-, bus-, kitchen- and similar field-recordings, including the impromptu questioning of passers-by as to, for example, 'why bad things happen to good people'.
Strange Audio 'announced' their page on the phonography-list, invoking some interesting reactions, like that of James Reynoldsjr., describing his question-box:

"... i installed a microphone inside of a grotesque donkey head mask and mounted that to a 2x4, which was connected to a box with an old panasonic tape recorder that had a remote jack on it. i connected one of radio shack's remotes to it and mounted that onto the 2x4 and painted the thing up brightly and set it up in front of my house on a main road with a list of questions for people to answer, or they could ask questions of their own, which would end up on the list, or say whatever they felt like saying. during the several months i had this thing setup (it remained outside every day, all day and throughout most of the night, until people started assaulting it or attempting to steal it)..."

The OMD giant meanwhile keeps cutting away many of its services: stations only in lo-fi, no more free artist pages, the messageboards as of next monday accessible only to subscribers, the continuing laying off of staff ... while waiting for Vivendi's decision as to the site's fate ...

Pending that decision, there is another update of Better More Radio, so if you registered to listen to Strange Audion, streaming BMR will be a piece of cake ... [as well as being a pleasure :) ]

Also: another edition (#48) of Radio Interference (the Amsterdam based sound-art site that's nothing but the sounds): Boca Raton - Mansdoof (13'28").

Next, point your browsers at the Austrian Kunstradio. As it is holiday time, also in Austria, here's is your chance to do some catching up, and listen to some of their archived transmissions, full length, in mp3. Download anything you want ... Chris Cutler's Twice Around the World, for instance, a composite from 43 of the Out of the Blue contributions, broadcasted this year's june 1st.

... so much to listen to, so little time ...

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