minor spaceship

aug 26, 2003.

Something else I've been enjoying these summer days: Cory Thrall's Minor Spaceship-EP, a Samsa Records 'online only' release and a free download, available at Cory's website. [added nov. 2004: 'Minor Spaceship' meanwhile has been deleted from Cory's extensive catalogue of recordings; it no longer is downloadable ... ]

Minor Spaceship

Minor Spaceship is a collection of 16 short tracks, together lasting exactly thirty minutes and 1 second (that is what my Audion playlist is telling me).

"I have recently been recording lots of 'experimental electronic space noise'," Cory writes in the announcements for his release. So that be it. But it's an awful lot of fun, that works amazingly well as a collection. Like the pieces of a puzzle. The image is contained in none of the tracks by itself; if you isolate them, they loose most of their interest.

But as a set I actually find myself playing this Minor Spaceship over and over and over again.
At least.
Once a day.
To chase dark thoughts away.

In message #13610 of the (recommended) oddmusic-list Shane Speal, the self-proclaimed cigar box guitar king, declared Minor Spaceship perfect.

"In some ways, it sounds like the porno movie soundtrack for 'Robby the Robot Does The Atari 2600!' Very Ed Wood. Very neo-primal," is what Shane said about it.

So that is why.
I guess a Cigar Box Guitar King should know about these things ...

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