10 better more stars :: 03.2002-01.2003

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  1. january: porousher

    From Pecsvarad, Baranyan in Hungary. Minimalistic, subtle and well-structured 'noise' scapes, that merit repeated listening. Visit them at porousher.net.

  2. december: gulo gulo

    From San Diego, California. A series of very subtle and inventive 'abstract' electronic tracks, by Henry Duclos...

  3. november: Human Abstract

    From Los Angeles, California. James Davis, alone or together with Dylan Shearer, Les Hodgkins, Mike Wilson, Colleen Russel, Shaun Russel, Kiowa Hammons, Justin Baker, Jody, Chris Sulots, Brandon, The Reverend Scurge, The Strange Brothers, Jed Mcgowan, Nick, Jordan, Adam Stacey and Randy Moore (all members, the info says, vary at shows and on albums), produces thoroughly wrought improvised noise'n'instruments tracks, the sonority of which continues to fascinate me. "Standing in a place's and listening to places, spaces and conductors, whether it be filled with activities of various creatures, or a field with only wind and grass, there is always something to be listened to." Yeah. Ears wide open. But listening to HA makes it pretty clear that most of James's world of sound actually rises up from deep within.
    Human Abstract have a steady and pretty voluminous output, and the selection of tracks on their artist's page changes regularly.

  4. october: Jacob Berendes

    From Worcester, Massachusetts. Jacob's tracks - most of them from his solo album 'Ordem e Progresso' (a phrase that one will recognize as the motto written on the Brazilian flag, which on a green background has a large yellow lozenge shape, in the centre of which there is a blue sphere with 27 stars and in the middle a white banner reading: 'Ordem e Progresso', order and progress) - are first and foremost an awful lot of fun.
    Jacob Berendes' music is pretty smart, full of ideas, variation, humor and self-relativation, while always remaining refreshingly lo-tech. In fact, in spirit some of it made me think of the Residents in their glory days. (These, unfortunately, are long, long gone.)
    Do take some time to visit the "Jacob Berendes Webpages of High Fashion and Ideas", at www.fujichia.com...!

  5. september: Jeff McLeod

    From Montgomery, Alabama, a taste- and thoughtful collection of largely guitar based tracks, most of them improvised.
    Visiting Jeff's page, I (re)discovered the absolutely fabulous My2k project ... The concept - apparently coined by the German musician Karsten Schulze - was as simple as it is fascinating: record ten seconds of sound/music each and every day for a period of a year - that year being the infamously numbered year 2000 - thus creating (the basic material for) a diary in sound ... Several artists got inspired by this, and as far as I know, two of them rounded of the project with an My2k-CD. Jeff McLeod is one of them. He put all together in "Ye shall be cut into many pieces", which can be ordered at his Sound and Chaos site.

  6. july/august: Ben Minnotte

    From Aurora, Colorado. Ben's a fascinating collection of tracks in the grand and honorable tradition of naïve - as opposed to academic - rock expressionism: intimate acoustic songs, lyrics spoken, rather than sung (Ben has a very nice voice, with a timbre and diction reminiscent of that of Mr. Lou R.), out-of-sync with a mostly sparse, edgy and out of tune, but highly effective, musical accompaniement; a fifteen minute one-take free style electric freak out jam ('Graceless Age'); some almost dreamy instrumental (piano, synth) tracks ('Sparrows', 'A woman of affairs') ... It all adds up, pretty consistently, to an intriguing personal 'exposition'. Rather melancholic over all, actually. And definitely 'not ready for mainstream'... But that's just our luck, I guess.

  7. june: Vitaly

    From Moscow, Russia. I found Vitaly's mp3.com page while checking out the URL which was the sole contents of a message entitled 'Music', posted on the 'Promote Your Station' board on may 17th.
    "I try to express power of spirit. I like electronic sounds. It's sounds of soul. It's pulse of human's feelengs, of human's life. It's wonderful," Vitaly writes in his artist's info.
    His 'Music', as indeed this ís music!, struck me as being pretty unusual, original and highly personal. There's something strangely disturbing about it, that I find difficult to put into words.

  8. may: mk_hbr

    From Brooklyn, NY. I found this page while searching for tracks to feature on Better More Trains. But except for the fact that one of mk_hbr's tracks is called 'toy trains', this is not about trains. It is about tasteful and inventive electronics. It is a bit about mystery as well, for I never came across a page so void of any additional information. The 'Main Artist Image' is truly a nihilistic masterpiece ...
    I was wondering whether the page was still being updated, or whether this is one of those things once done, uploaded and then left behin for the occasional surfer-by to find
    So I dropped mk_hbr a line, and found out that this is what you get when you skip the vowels in Mike Haber.
    "Im glad you like the song/s," Mike replied. "It's all very old stuff from the very first year or so I started making digital music. So, I'm not really updating it right now, though I'm actively making songs and trying to get a demo together sometime this summer. I'll probably update the mp3.com page (or make a new one) with a couple of those tracks in the next couple of months, but I haven't really updated the page in about two years. My new songs will probably be under the name I've been using more recently, 'aviatrix'."

  9. april: Kendal Zier

    From Edmonton, Canada. The tracks on kendal Zier's artist's page form an impressive collection of seventies/eighties bedroom psychedelica! It's been a long time since I've heard this kind of stuff... and, yeah I enjoyed it! I do suspect Kendal of having a keen sense for sounds. If he'd be able to lay off some of the bigger chuncks of navel-gazing and get things somewhat more into focus... better... more ... Ever thought about getting a band together?
    Kendy, zear ... ;-)

  10. march: Mike Stover

    Improvising guitaris/banjo-ist based in Kansas City. His let's-go no-bullshit recordings have so much of this 'undeniable midwestern rural roughness', that some will call this self-indulgent crap. I however was won over by the liner notes to Mike's "Juice Motor" - "Self-indulgence at its finest," Mike writes; but then, all of this was "composed,recorded, edited, mixed, encoded and uploaded before I went to work Thursday morning" ... (where's that, Mike?) - and by the fact that one can go and hear Mike perform "near every Friday from about 8 til 10 at YJ's Snack Bar, 128 W. 18th St, in beeee-youtiful downtown KCMO." Gee man! YJ's Snack Bar! How I'd love to drop in there one of those friday nights... Shame that it's so damn far from this here Paris ...


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