London Diary




"hd's gone"

There was nothing much to steal down in my basement. And it seems very unlikely that anyone would even suspect there might be anything there worth his while of going through all the trouble of breaking in. (Well, actually it was a piece of cake to get in; easy enough to smash the little window pane, and after that one just opens the door from the inside... But still: Why?) All I have down there are an old malfunctioning soundsystem of some unknown Japanese brand, a couple of CD's, a walkman. And my PC, which I guess you would even have trouble getting rid of if you offered it for free; a cheap modem...

In fact it took me quite a while to actually realize that there was something missing, and that there had been more to the burglary than the mere messing up of the place: the bastard(s) had taken my hard disk!