London Diary




"don't touch"

It's the very first thing you learn on how to behave when you happen to arrive at the scene of a crime, and anybody who ever has spent but the teeniest bit of time in front of a television set has to be familiar with it: "Do not touch a thing!" Of course! That's easy and obvious as long as you are watching television. But things are pretty different when you arrive at your home and find it looking as if a wild bull has been set loose in it... I mean, I just had to pick up the pieces, and the last thing on my mind was 'evidence' or 'police' ... As a matter of fact, there was surprisingly little 'on my mind'. After having picked up again most of the papers on the floor, I sat down, and had a look at my mail. Bills, bills, bills, of course. And this small parcel from Ricky.


She kept her promise all right: five strips of X.! And wasn't this just the right time, just the right place? I quickly punched out two of them little rose pills, and eagerly swallowed. (My hands were shaking. I lit a cigarette.) She had added a small handwritten note. Just this single line:

"... when ever again from this nightmare we wake ..."