London Diary





I'm staying at Melissa's now. As soon as she got back from Bristol and heard about the misfortune that had befallen me, she proposed that, for the time being, I move in with her. At first I hesitated, but in fact fate (faith?) already had decided to decide for me... The advantages are multiple. First of all: sure, it is great to be together! Also, of course I could not go on camping in Brian's living room forever. Stay in the basement again? No way!

I have been back there only once, together with Melissa and a police officer, who looked around a bit, made some notes. He was not impressed, Mr. Policeman. Well, it had been just the other day that this naked brute armed with a 3 ft samurai sword and a knife burst into St. Andrews Church in Thornton Heath and started slashing and stabbing the churchgoers

(mental note -- Monty Python:: Holy Grail)

- little bits and lumps of limbs flying all over the place, and, yeah, I'll be the first to admit that in comparison what had happened to me is pretty tame and innocent.. Happens every minute ... burglary, assault ... Nothing to warrant a raise in salary, a sudden upward move in the force's ranks ... it was written all over the man's face: routine 'file-and-forget'... no, he did not show an awful lot of interest. I did profit, though, from the law's protective presence, and quickly collected all that seemed worthwhile taking and got it out into M.'s car without having to worry about a possible second threatening appearance of Mr. X...