London Diary





Yesterday afternoon Melissa, on her way to her weekly stretching classes, dropped in on me for a tea and a chat. She mentioned that she tried to see me also last week, but that she hadn't found me in at the time... Gave me a funny look, and I think I blushed.
Almost started to recount the story of my mousetrap, but something held me back. Maybe it were her eyes, that constantly kept searching mine. I evaded them, stood up, walked around, sat down again ... There's too many things to explain...

She's in love all right, no use denying that...
Am I?
Can I?

Instead I told her about the package that had been delivered, and that I didn't have a clue what to do with it. And guess what? The girl who's sharing her apartment apparently knows a bit of Russian! Melissa got all excited about showing the stuff to her, she thought that she might be able to make something out of it... She stuffed all of it in her large shopping bag, and took it with her. Kind of melancholic pleasure engulfed me when I saw her so happy about being able to do me a favour...

Almost finished the soccer translations. Eager to get that over and done with, and move on again to less profitable but so much more serious things...