London Diary





Am I getting paranoïd? ... Lately I had this eerie feeling of somebody watching me... Maybe it's because for some days there was all the time this red Peugeot, with big flecks of mud smeared across its licence plates, which made it impossible to get a good look at the number, turning up at almost all places that I passed? But that must have been a coïncidence. Who could be interested in keeping track of my moves? And then in Bristol of all places! It might interest my landlord, whom I suspect to suspect me planning to run of without paying his precious rent... But having me followed for that reason would probably cost him more than he'd get out of it! Anyway, the car now is gone... Haven't seen it around this morning and afternoon. I'll be on my way to the station soon, catching train back to London just in time for Brian's birthday-boom. M. will stay on till after the weekend, to 'wrap up' her techno-business-meeting.