London Diary





Bristol, home of Portishead, home of Massive Attack... M. got us a quiet double room at the Courtlands Hotel, on Redland Court Road, not too far from the town centre, overlooking a nice Victorian Park. And Melissa's boss paying the bill...
She asked me to stay on a few more days after the weekend; and I was happy to oblige. Even though Melissa's rushin' off 'conferencing' every day from 9 to 5, this is turning out to be somewhat of a holiday.
Did some of the 'usual' tourist-stuff during the weekend: the cathedral, the city museum and art gallery, the amazing Clifton Suspension Bridge and (best of all) the Arnolfini arts centre...

This morning I've been shopping around for a genuine Bristol 'cyber-bar' to read mail and put some stuff on-line, but no luck. Have to content myself right now with hitting it up my pretty outdated but still-going-strong Mac 145B Powerbook, seated on a wooden bench in Redland Grove, in the pretty shine of an early afternoon autumn sun, amidst a wealth of fallen leaves, saving it all away for some later day.