Exhibit 91

[ - Käämer 12, Brussels (Belgium), january 22-23, 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]

This acquisition was adopted by Käämer 12 on may 6th, 2009 ... [ ? ]

This is the second of two acquisitions prepared during a residency that was part of the "? Footage or Fetish" found tapes exhibition and installation at Käämer 12, in Brussels.
(photo: Reinhilde Terryn)


03/09/2008 17h30 Bagnolet (France) - avenue Gallieni spot

A cassette was lying behing the fence of the Liebert Hiross: DJ Cutee B, "Motown new flavas" (see picture).

03/08/2008 18h25 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue Henri Jaspar spot

I had spotted this tape on the crossing of the avenue Henri Jaspar with the rue Bercksmans earlier that saturday, when I passed there by car with my friend Marta. During earlier visits to Brussels, when driving together through the city, it had occurred regularly that I urged her to stop the car, because I had seen a bit of tape on the side of the road. But these couple of days something like that had not happenend yet. So when we were driving near the Porte de Halle, on our way back to Schaerbeek, Marta asked me why it was that I did not see any tapes anymore ... No sooner had she said this, or I saw a big clod of tape lying in the middle of the road. "Well, look," I exclaimed, "there's one over there!" Marta laughed out loud. She did not believe me. She thought I was pulling her leg ... So she did not stop.
I had memorized the spot, and later that day, on my way with Jean-Jacques to perform at Remua in the rue du Métal, we went to look for it. It was still there, including the crashed plastic. With arabic writing and an address in Casablanca : Kissariat Annajah, nr. 18, probably of a shop or the tapes's production company. (see photos)

03/08/2008 14h20 Brussels (Belgium) - rue des Coteaux spot

Wound around the pole of a traffic light on the corner with the avenue Rogier (see picture).

02/26/2008 17h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat spot

On pavement, near nr. 234.

02/09/2008 17h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Pontanusstraat spot

On brim of pavement, opposite nrs. 233/239. Short bit of a recording of someone (man) being interviewed (by a woman) (in dutch).

02/09/2008 12h50 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Maasstraat spot

On the crossing with the Churchilllaan (see picture). Arabic.

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