Exhibit 90

[ - Käämer 12, Brussels (Belgium), january 20-22, 2009. -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]

This acquisition was adopted by Käämer 12 on may 6th, 2009 ... [ ? ]

This is the first of two acquisitions prepared during a residency that was part of the "? Footage or Fetish" found tapes exhibition and installation at Käämer 12, in Brussels.
(photo: Reinhilde Terryn)


01/31/2008 13h45 Bobigny (France) - rue Stalingrad spot

Along the tram track, opposite nr. 251.

01/31/2008 13h25 Bobigny (France) - avenue de la Convention spot

Again a little further and later, I spot a complete but broken cassette lying behing the gate (see picture). It is compilation of (french) pop/rock, probably recorded from the radio. In the montage you hear part of a radio announcement, and a heavily distorted recording of a song that I am absolutely sure I know but cannot remember (something Jackson or family?). Then, at the very end of the tape, there is a short recording, clearly a microphone-to-tape recording, of two men talking, in French. The subject is the difference between 'la vie social' in Paris and in the provinces. Maybe part of an interview.

01/31/2008 13h20 Bobigny (France) - avenue de la Convention spot

A little later, a little further. French pop.

01/31/2008 13h15 Bobigny (France) - avenue de la Convention spot

Just opposite the main entrance to the IUT Bobigny of the Université Paris XIII there is a settlement for east-european immigrants, complete families living in tiny caravans. These two small bits I picked from along the fence, along with a playing card (see picture card + photo). On them, there is african music (with french lyrics) and classical (church) organ music.

01/17/2008 13h10 Aubervilliers/Pantin (France) - avenue de la division Leclerc spot

Opposite the parking lot Fort d'Aubervilliers, on the traffic hill dividing the two sides of the street (see pictures).

01/08+10/2008 13h00 Bobigny (France) - rue Diderot spot

In the gutter, near nr. 9. Two days later I saw and picked up another piece of the same tape, near nr. 11.

01/08/2008 12h50 Pantin (France) - avenue Jean Jaurès spot

On the traffic island, corner with the avenue de la division Leclerc.

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