Exhibit 74

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01/04/2007 13h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Prinsengracht spot

On pavement in front of nr. 535, wound around the foot of an 'Amsterdammertje' (see picture). Soul, reggae. Probably recorded from an emission of a dutch FM radio station.

01/01/2007 21h20 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Hemonylaan spot

Opposite nr. 21, in gutter under parked car. Blues / rock.

01/01/2007 21h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Mauritskade spot

Walking home after a new year's / birthday party, spotted this one on tapecatcher in the middle of the road opposite the Sajetplein. Arabic.

12/30/2006 14h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein spot

Near tree opposite nr. 73, Rick Astley's "Never gonna give you up".


This bit of tape arrived to me by mail, neatly packed, as a birthday present (see picture). It was sent by Yiyi de la Mota and her daughter Perla. They must have found it somewhere in Maastricht ... Girl singers pop music.

12/23/2006 12h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Govert Flinckstraat spot

On pavement opposite nr. 231 (see photo). Barbara Streisand sings "Run Wild", from her 1980 album Guilty.

12/22/2006 10h45 La Courneuve - avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier spot

Opposite nr. 9, in tapecatcher. We hear the french chansonnier Jean Ferrat sing "Deux enfants du soleil".

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