Exhibit 15 - Les Mureaux II - march 3rd, 2004

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03/03/2004 14h30 Les Mureaux - rue Madeleine Roch

Pop music: 'Get down on it', by Kool & the Gang ; 'Walk on by', by Gloria Gaynor.

03/03/2004 14h37 Les Mureaux - rue Pierre Lefancheux


03/03/2004 14h30 Les Mureaux - rue Corneille

A cassette, broken in two pieces (see picture on the right), with still some tape left inside, laying in the grass. The tape contains spoken text, in Arabic; according to Miryam Aroua the accent is Moroccan. Apparently this was an instruction tape for (truck?) drivers, set up in a 'questions and answers' way. All sort of stuff related to trucks, cars, traffic ...

03/03/2004 14h30 Les Mureaux - at the back of number 28, rue de Bougimonts

Hip-hop, rap. Shazam and Sound Hound (february 16th, 2010) identified The Message, by Dr. Dre, featuring (Mary J. Blige and Rell).

02/03/2004 13h00 Paris XVII - metro station Ternes, hanging out of a dustbin on the platform direction Nation

Radio emission, with reggae music: Jim Brown (?), "Calypso calypso".

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